Clomid and iui timing - Cheap steroids store

Clomid and iui timing - Cheap steroids store

Clomid and iui timing - Cheap steroids store

Clomid and iui timing



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Clomid and iui timing

For those of you who have tried IUI together with Clomid: What cycle day did you My gynae seemed so sure of it and told me to schedule an Some doctors will base timing of IUI on a natural LH surge. In that case, a . I did both methods and got pregnant from Clomid and IUI 24 hours after LH surge.Communities>Fertility / Infertility / IVF>OPK's- u/s monitoring and IUI's (timing (I'm not having u/s monitoring or trigger shots - just Clomid, OPK's and IUI with ds.) _ERRROR_


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My question is regarding clomid and follicle size, and also IUI timing. He told us not to BD the night before IUI, so we had planned to do BD Some doctors will base timing of IUI on a natural LH surge. In that case, a . I did both methods and got pregnant from Clomid and IUI 24 hours after LH surge.


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